Original Handcrafted Jewelry display table

One-of-a-Kind. Naturally.

    Claudie has studied jewelry and metal arts for many years, training at the Alberta College of Art and Design, and Chinook Learning Services in Calgary, Canada. The majority of her designs reflect her fascination with nature and her endeavors to replicate these beautiful patterns in metal and stone by creating unique and wearable art jewelry. Claudie continues to explore and expand her artistic ability through ceramics, design, drawing, fibre arts, glass, lapidary, metals, painting, and pottery.

    Claudie enjoys working with a wide variety of metals, exploring different techniques such as casting, etching, forging, forming, reticulating, sintering, and soldering in order to coax her final vision to life. She employs such metals as bronze, copper, gold, niobium, silver, steel, and titanium. She utilizes sea glass, semi-precious gems, shells, and stones to embellish her designs.

    Original Handcrafted Jewelry began with the creation of a single ivy leaf, its shape and texture captured in fine silver, and grew as Claudie’s obsession took over. Each technique explored creates a new path for her to wander along until another path opens.

    Claudie at work